It comes with great honor to present you the new and improved model of Pyrolino

Pyrolino Plus

With even more advanced capabilities and cutting-edge technology, the Pyrolino Plus is the ultimate choice for outdoor and semi-outdoor heating with pellet. Discover the world of comfort and warmth with our innovative outdoor pellet heating column! It's the ideal solution for transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming and cozy environment, even on the coldest days.

Pellet is an environmentally friendly fuel derived from renewable sources, ensuring efficient heating with minimal emissions. With the convenience of pellet loading, your space will quickly fill with the desired warmth at maximum power. Additionally, with pellet costing only 1/3 of the price of propane, you achieve payback in just 3 months of use!

By using pellet fuel and achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions, the Pyrolino Plus has zero environmental footprint and promotes "green energy" due to its clean combustion technology. Offer yourself and your customers the warmth emitted by the Pyrolino Plus with the conscience that you are contributing to the planet's protection. Its modern design utilizes tertiary combustion technology, resulting in complete combustion to minimize your energy and environmental footprint, without the need for electrical components.

Our durable construction ensures long-term reliable operation. Crafted with high-quality materials, the Pyrolino Plus outdoor pellet heating machine is ready to meet your demands for many years to come.

The ultimate choice for outdoor and semi-outdoor heating with pellet

The innovative design of the Pyrolino Plus also guarantees almost zero emission of aldehydes, making it ideal for use in both outdoor and semi-outdoor well-ventilated spaces. The Pyrolino Plus has taken smart combustion technology to the next level! It uses natural air draft to create a smokeless and odorless fire, with almost ZERO carbon monoxide emissions.

The modern yet elegant design of the Pyrolino Plus ranks it as the most elegant choice compared to conventional heating columns. Its tall and slim black base extends upward with a fire-resistant glass where the user can see the flame swirling in a striking display. Its tall and slim design automatically defines it as a discreet bright thermal column, unmatched in performance and elegance. The pellet fuel supply is located at the bottom rear with a discreet design that does not detract from its aesthetics. It is externally and easily supplied, and given its full combustion capability, it guarantees continuous burning for 5.5 hours! The remaining ash is no more than a tablespoon!

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