The ultimate wood & pellet portable camping stove with tertiary burn.
Excursions and getaways meet clean combustion technology.
The alternative to making the most of nature itself in a safe, affordable and eco-friendly way.


Innovative, versatile, affordable and eco-friendly


Pyrolino operates with woodpellets, woodchips and any other source of biomass as well.

No Odors

Pyrolino does not disturb you and those around you, as it does not produce intolerable, bad odors.

Environmentally Friendly

Pyrolino's clean combustion technology releases almost zero amount of carbon monoxide emissions.

Small amount of Ash

Αfter each use, it leaves the smallest amount of ash compared to other similar products.

Adjustable Flame Intensity

Its controlled flame intensity will work for whatever use you have in mind.

No smoke

Pyrolino creates smokeless fires, reducing the negative effects of combustion.

No Discoloring of Utensils

Pyrolino protects the color of your utensils, maintaining them bright clean and shiny.


Pyrolino is a multifunctional, adaptive tool, indispensable for

The ideal camping cooker to prepare your favorite hot dogs, meals and coffee. Pyrolino will… take care of your fire!

You can invite your friends and family over a barbecue or a garden party in your yard.

Pyrolino is the ultimate companion in challenging conditions! Feel safe! It’s our only purpose.

You can experience every moment outdoors, without depriving yourself of your enjoyments.


Pyrolino is made entirely of superior stainless steel and is also a completely polymorphic device. Its use is modified each time by adjusting the relevant parts and could be used as:

Pyrolino is the perfect camp kitchen. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Always next to you!

Pyrolino can effectively grill the food of your choice.

Lighting body
When circumstances demand it, Pyrolino will be your light source.

Pyrolino will warm you up! Live in the moment without thinking about the cold!

Innovation & Design

Pyrolino has to offer you something unique. Its versatile and eco-friendly design can offer you a solution for every need, with almost zero costs and ecological impact at an affordable price!

Pyrolino is a stylish, innovative and completely robust choice to offer you a self-sufficient stove anytime you need it.

Pyrolino is designed and manufactured by Axinar, a Greek company that provides innovative solutions that suit your unique needs.

Operating mode and Development

Pyrolino has taken smart combustion technology to the next level! Being the most eco-friendly stove on the market, it uses the natural air drought to create smokeless, odorless fire with almost ZERO carbon monoxide emissions. Its advanced design utilizes tertiary burn technology resulting in a more complete burn, helping you minimize your energy and ecological footprint, no electrical components necessary.


Pyrolino can work with:
  • Woodpellets. The best way to achieve perfect combustion.
  • Woodchips. Pyrolino works perfectly with woodchips, it guarantees minimal losses and it minimizes ash production.
  • Small pieces of wood and branches.
  • In addition, it has the potential to consume kernels as fuel
  • Pine nuts if available,
  • or even corn!
  • Also, Pyrolino performs great by using common coal Or finally, biomass!


Pyrolino is the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly portable stove on the market with little or zero emissions and the least possible residue. It’s self-sufficiency, up to 2 hours, is almost impressive. Also, it’s the safest of its kind. It’s highly affordable and the cost of fuel is practically zero as, apart from pellets, it can work with almost everything around you!

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