Enjoy a Smokeless Fire with Pyrolino. A Guide to Unlock its Full Potential.


So, you’ve purchased Pyrolino stove and want to try it out for the first time. Cool! Take a look at the tips below and enjoy a powerful, smokeless fire with your friends and family.

But, how does Pyrolino work?

Pyrolino was designed to provide you a smokeless, odorless fire anywhere, anytime! Its patented design with tertiary burn technology eliminates even further the negative effects of combustion
making it the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly portable stove on the market.

This is not just another marketing trick! At the end of Pyrolino’s combustion cycle, a characteristic blue flame will appear, an indicator of carbon monoxide burn, resulting in almost zero carbon emissions. With Pyrolino you can also use your favorite silver cookware. Oh YES, they’ll remain bright clean and shiny, as no black smoke is released out of the combustion chamber.


Tips for a smokeless efficient fire with Pyrolino

It is true! Pyrolino has taken clean combustion to the next level. However, follow some simple tips to ensure a smoke-free experience every time you use your Pyrolino.

We know… With autumn being now on the doorstep finding dry wood outdoors is difficult. However, using green or moist fuel will release unnecessary smoke. On a rainy day, try bringing your own wood sticks from home. A handful is all you need for a perfect meal!

When you first light your Pyrolino is essential to increase the control flame regulator accordingly. The denser the fuel, the more air supply is required inside the stove in order to maintain a powerful flame. Avoid lighting your Pyrolino with the flame regulator placed in (+). Try to gradually slide the regulator from (-) towards (+). Quick alterations of the air supply will provoke smoke.

Pyrolino’s sophisticated design is unlike any other products on the market. In order to take advantage of its full potential, always remember to place the pipe on top of the combustion chamber. The pipe helps to create carbonless flames and makes it easier to fire your Pyrolino up.

Pyrolino has been tested to be efficient with wood, sticks, twigs, pellet, woodchips, kernels and common coal. Using any other fuel will produce black smoke. Also, it may damage Pyrolino’s components.

Pyrolino makes use of reverse combustion technology. This means that the fuel is burned from top to the bottom. While Pyrolino is on use or in case any live embers remain inside, do not refuel it. First, get rid of the embers and refuel it again.

Pyrolino takes advantage of natural air to create an efficient fire. For an efficient fire, oxygen flow is necessary. Overstuffing its combustion chamber will block the air inlets, making it difficult to fire up, thus producing smoke. When using pellet fuel it up to the air vents.

It’s so easy! Just try those tips every time you light your Pyrolino! You will be amazed by the result! See you on the next one!


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